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Hog Slat, Inc. is the largest turn-key construction contractor building pig and poultry farms in six regions across the United States. Each region maintains a central administrative staff to purchase, account for and manage projects with individual site supervisors on each farm directing actual construction activities from beginning to end.

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  • Southeast region including North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama
  • Midwest region including Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota
  • Southwest region including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona and Utah
  • Great Lakes region including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio
  • MO/ARK region including Missouri and Arkansas
  • DELMARVA region including Delaware, Maryland and Virginia

Our completed swine building projects include new construction, additions to and extensive remodels of:

  • sow breeding/gestation/farrowing barns (individual & group sow designs)
  • gilt development/multiplication & boar stud facilities
  • wean-to-finish growing sites
  • nursery pig farms
  • finishing hog barns (deep & shallow pit designs)

for integrator owned company locations, co-ops and individual family owned farms. Our extensive experience in all aspects of building hog barns, from initial concrete foundation and pit work to setting slats and finally installing ventilation, feeding and watering equipment allow us to deliver top quality finished project results that pig producers can trust for many years to come.

Hog Slat Swine Construction Information Flyer

Hog Slat Swine Construction Information Flyer (Spanish)

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Hog Slat, including our wholly owned subsidiaries Georgia Poultry Equipment Company and Eastern Shore Poultry Services, have completed an array of poultry farming projects including turn-key new construction, additions to and upgrades/remodels of:

  • broiler chicken houses
  • chicken breeder barns
  • egg layer complexes
  • pullet houses
  • turkey grow-out barns
  • turkey breeder farms

for integrator owned company locations, co-ops and individual family owned farms. Our unique position as a national turn-key construction contractor allows us to control and ensure the finished quality of all project phases; including framing, finishing and installation of complete feeding, watering and ventilation control systems.


Hog Slat, Inc. manufactures a complete line of equipment systems and components used in modern pork and poultry production facilities. Our equipment is used on pig farms, chicken farms, turkey farms and other livestock farming operations all across the USA and abroad.

Hog Slat manufactures and sells the following types of swine, poultry and livestock production equipment systems:

  • Feeding & Watering Systems

  • Climate Control, Heating & Ventilation Systems

  • Steel Swine Gating, Penning, Farrowing & Handling Equipment

  • Concrete Slat, TriDEK Steel & Plastic Swine Flooring Systems

  • Cattle & Livestock Equipment

    TDM Farms, Inc. is a United States hog production company comprised of operations in North Carolina, Indiana and Illinois. Currently maintaining a sow herd of 30,000 and selling over 700,000 market hogs annually, the company raises livestock in both company owned farms and contract farms with the majority of pigs grown in wean to finish facilities. By raising our own livestock, we stay connected to the needs of swine producers. 

    We also operate two research facilities. One is a company owned sow farm in North Carolina and the other is a wean to finish contract farm in Indiana. With the capability to test new products (steel, concrete, feeding, heating, ventilation, etc.), we can provide proven cost effective and efficient equipment for our customers. 

    Our experience in raising hogs along with the ability to test new products will continue allowing us to design efficient equipment and buildings while establishing the logistics necessary to maintain the animal flow of large multi-site operations.

Line of Business

Hog Slat, Inc. is the largest construction contractor and manufacturer of hog production equipment in the United States with approximately 1,000 people directly employed and an additional 1,400 subcontractors working on the company's construction projects. Hog Slat and its subsidiaries have constructed turnkey swine and poultry units for both family farms and large corporate farm entities in the United States. Hog Slat also sells equipment packages to customers who choose to construct their own facilities, both domestically and internationally. In addition to our construction services, we maintain a network of over 80 retail store locations distributed throughout the US to supply local pork and poultry growers with a complete selection of parts and equipment needed to support their operations.



From the beginning, Hog Slat, Inc. has kept one key concept in mind-PEOPLE. Our employees are the fundamental roots of our family-oriented business.

As Hog Slat, Inc. grows and expands, we will continue to seek hardworking and dedicated individuals to drive the success of our business.

Variety of Opportunities

A career with Hog Slat, Inc. can proved a variety of opportunities for involvement and advancement within our business.

Types of Opportunities -

  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Construction
  • Research
  • Financial Services
  • Internships



Hog Slat offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits program, designed to help you and your family maintain your health and wellbeing. Some of the benefits that we offer:

  • Comprehensive health insurance PPO plan through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC
  • Free onsite health clinic and dispensary for all employees and their spouses (Clinton NC)
  • Voluntary Group Dental Insurance
  • Voluntary Group Vision Insurance
  • Voluntary Long Term Disability, Term Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Supplementary Short Term Disability
  • Wellness Program including premium discounts for participation
  • Onsite Fitness Center (Newton Grove locations only) and partial gym fee reimbursements

Areas of Operations

There’s never been a more exciting time to be engaged within the agricultural industry as it plays a critical role in providing for the needs of people and families worldwide. Hog Slat has operations in several locations throughout the U.S., along with Mexico, China, Poland, Russia, Romania, and Ukraine.

Experience Diversity

Since 1969, Hog Slat has grown to become a well established family owned business engaged in the construction, manufacturing, and distribution of swine and poultry equipment. Within Hog Slat are several separate entities that all contribute to the overall company purpose. These include:

Georgia Poultry Equipment Company represents the poultry division of Hog Slat and is engaged in providing equipment, parts and services to poultry producers worldwide.
Eastern Shore Poultry represents the poultry division located on the Delmarva Peninsula
TDM Farms is Hog Slat’s connection to the heart of the swine industry. Our network of live hog production farms allows us to stay connected to the swine production industry at the grass-roots level which allows us to design the highest quality equipment for our customers. TDM Farms operates in North Carolina, Indiana and Illinois raising aproximately 23,000 sows in this area. TDM Fams also has feed mill and nursery/finishing operations located in the Indiana region.

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53908 208th Lane
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